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Exterior Painting

Are you looking for an affordable residential painting contractor to paint your house? Look no further than Mendoza Painting & Pressure Washing. We are always on time, professional and clean. We have excellent track record and exceptional online reviews.

Our exterior house painting services include:

  • Pressure Washing the exterior happens every job to rise , dust dirt and spider webs or old nests. The leaves, gutters, chimney walls and wood trim are always washed thoroughly to maintain a great adhesion.
  • Covering plants efficiently , masking windows properly , protecting decks, roof shingles and concrete is the most to Mendoza .Respecting gardens and surfaces is why the company strives for greatness.
  • Mold Treatment happens when mold and mildew is present , usually areas where water condensation sits with no sunlight. The product is Biodegradable and is safe on plants and soil. This takes place during the wash.
  • Spray and Backroll – Is the Most Important technique on Exteriors. The science of applying the right amount of paint is crucial and allows the painter to push the paint in the grooves. This allows for a proper seal and increases the life of the paint. Immediately after pshing paint in groove, a finish coat is applied to complete coverage.

Exterior Trim Painting

Nothing makes the exterior of a house more stunning than colors you choose for your trim. We take the time to thoroughly paint the exterior trim of your home, from all angles, not just the visible portions.

Exterior Caulking

Caulking tops and sides of windows is a must to protect water from damaging exposed wood. Corner boards above garages area and chimneys are important to seal for the weather in years to come.

Exterior Priming

Priming rust on exteriors is very important for homeowners. Using a quality rust primer , this product blocks rust from showing through the paint surface. Most painters paint over all the rust get paid and leave Not Mendoza Painting. Attention to detail is the motto and this step helps the paint look great even longer. Water meters, Electrical panel, gutter and vents are also included in pricing – Always…Bare wood on old and new construction are always primed with a premium primer before jobs. After proper preparation quality primer is applied to seal wood before the finish coatings.